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Can I share my project and work together on the free plan?

Yes! You can still share the project youโ€™ve created with others, and once they sign up on the free plan, theyโ€™ll be able to join your project and work together with you.

What is an active project?

In Purple, you can create unlimited projects - even with the free plan! But youโ€™ll need to archive projects to stay within your active project limit. Archived projects cannot be opened, but you can unarchive them at any point. So for the Starter plan, each person can be a member of up to 5 editable projects concurrently, and unlimited archived projects.

What is a shared team?

When youโ€™re part of a team, youโ€™ll have access to any of the projects created within it - so itโ€™s similar to a shared folder.

Do I have to pay for people who just need view-only access to projects?

No - just share the view-only link with the people who need to access those projects. They won't need an account and won't count towards the number of people in your subscription.

Can I set up a joint project for working with my client?

Yes - just share a View-only link with them. If you need them to be able to edit, they can sign up for a free account to join the project. At the end of the project, you can leave the project as long as you make them the Owner on it.

I want unlimited projects - can I still register for the Organization plan if we have less than 10 users?

If you want that extra mileage out of Purple, then absolutely. Youโ€™ll be paying for 10 users even if you have fewer people. If you do add people to your plan, youโ€™ll only be charged extra per person once you cross that 10 user threshold.


Student discount - Free for 1 year

Please email us at with a photo of your current student ID and graduation date. You can keep requesting this discount each year as long as you are a student.

Non-profit discount: 30% off forever

We provide a 30% off forever discount for qualified US-based non-profits. Please email from your work email address to request the discount, along with your non-profitโ€™s legal name, and ideally your non-profitโ€™s EIN.